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"It's a pleasure for me to work as a founder on a technologically sophisticated product. The support of our partners and pilot customers helps us in solving many challenges and achieving our ambitious goals.“

The Face Behind pacefish®

In 2007 out of his fascination for GPU and 3D graphics, Eugen Riegel initiated the development of a prototypical GPU-accelerated fluid flow simulation software as part of his study of aerospace at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

On completing his studies he contributed the software prototype to an existing spin-off company, which he had already built-up with his expertise in the HPC and GPU sector.

With his gathered experience, in 2013 he set up his own business to develop pacefish® as a highly efficient tool for simulation of fluid flows to market maturity. In 2016 he founded Numeric Systems GmbH.

Since then, Eugen Riegel and his team have been working on pacefish®, a product he has always believed in and which is characterized by his endurance and enthusiasm for highly efficient software.



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